Bombshell trailer – Theron, Kidman and Robbie play out Fox News scandal

A new trailer has dropped for Bombshell, the new film on the Fox News scandal which is set to take the Oscars by storm. And yes, there's already a TV series with Russell Crowe about the same thing... but that one's not very good.


Natalie Portman shines in Jackie trailer

A window into the grieving subconsious of first lady Jackie Kennedy, based around an interview with LIFE magazine a week after her husband's assasination and how she brought an entire country back up to speed. This is going to be an epic performance, and who better to tackle such a role than Oscar winning Portman.

Independence Day: Resurgence review

5/10 They’re back, both the actors and the aliens. Oh, except for Will Smith and I think I know why. Resurgence is fun, but takes itself too seriously. What looked unbelievable and very Goldblum in the trailer, was totally lost in this 20-year-later sequel.