Legion: Season 1, Episode 3 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


SPOILERS, obviously.

Episode 3, like episode 2, relies heavily on character development and psychological drama. Little is brought forward in terms of plot, but we are given a bit more of David’s disturbing childhood.

The Summerland house of mutants led by Miss Melanie Bird continue their investigation and into controlling David’s powers by exploring his memories, but it seems that the evil within is starting to affect more than just David.

This is another very psychological episode littered with memory flashbacks in more or less the same style as the first and second episodes. We go back to the brilliant visuals of that chaotic and telekinetic kitchen scene, which we’ve seen twice already now, but at least this time we go back with Bird and Ptonomy and really get a glimpse of that evil yellow-eyed devil.

It is STILL unclear who this villain is, and somehow I think this will remain unknown until the end of this season. Is it another personality of David’s? Kind of like his character in the comics? Maybe this guy will prove to be as powerful as Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix? We do know that only David can see him, but although blind to him, the others can still feel the consequences of his presence. Visually, like the earlier episodes, these flashback memory scenes were really well done, but it seems that Legion, like Fargo, is really going to be a character driven show.

After witnessing David’s insane powers in the last episode, the others sedate him in order to safely explore his memories. They are then faced with communicating with David’s inner child, which makes for some beautiful chemistry with Sydney. Lenny, as before, continues to appear in past memories, high as a kite, and we finally learn what killed David’s last relationship, and what sort of triggered that telekinetic kitchen scene, which I hope we don’t see too much more of..

Not too much else exposed in terms of plot, aside from a brief glimpse of that ‘Angry boy’ from David’s childhood book. Is this the same manifestation of evil as the yellow-eyed man? We also see a bit more of his sister’s interrogation by ‘the Eye’ when he and Syd accidentally teleport into the interrogation room, although they were never quite really there, were they? Not sure about that static white noise effect.

With only 8 episodes in total, I think episode 4 should give us a little more to sink our teeth into. I’m still waiting to see what Miss Bird and Ptonomy are really up to at Summerland. They seem to be just a little to eager to get into David’s head..

Feature photo: Screen Rant

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