Shockproof Film Festival 2017 in Kino Aero

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Probably one of the most fun and tongue-in-cheek festivals in Prague. From Tuesday 28/02 – Sunday 05/03, the Shockproof Film Festival (Festival otrlého diváka) is dedicated to filth, schlock, comedy, horror, B-grade, X-rated – the most bizarre titles from ancient cult classics to present day. In its 13th year, the festival has a whole new host of titles to offer the eager cinema goer, as well as some old faithfuls. It’s an insanely interactive festival. Almost like a 21st century rebirth of the classic ‘Cinema of Attractions’.

The theme of this year’s festival is LOVE <3. If you’re into LOVE, aliens, horror or penis, read on for recommendations, if not.. read on for recommendations.


Santo vs Frankenstein’s daughter

This cult classic film is one of many starring famous wrestler Santo. He’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Mexican action movie… More women, more guns and more puns. The Shockproof Festival usually shows one of his films every year, so get in their on opening night and get a taste for what the festival is all about. Also, if you’re Czech or speak Czech, they have headphones available for the dubbing track, which is always pretty hilarious.


Tuesday 28/02, 18:00 in Kino Aero (ENG friendly)


The Void

Also on opening night at 20:30 is the Czech premiere of the hellish new creature feature / body horror The Void. Packed with paranoia, oozing body juice, and all sorts of gore great and small, this is a disgustingly fun watch, and packs a punch like John Carpenter’s The Thing. I’d really go and see this one, it’s already turning a lot of heads.


Tuesday 28/02, 20:30 in Kino Aero (ENG friendly)


They Live

The 1988 John Carpenter classic They Live revolves around aliens taking over the world through the rich and powerful. A clever little political satire with a classic Carpenter edge. This horror / sci-fi adventure should be something that you witness on the big screen, after all, this kind of political ideology is extremely relevant to today.. obviously.


Thursday 02/03, 20:30 in Kino Aero (ENG friendly)



Disneyland for adults. A ground-breaking film of the 1970s for the adult genre, and directed by Anthony Spinelli, who tried to make something more than just the usual sex, sex, and more sex from beginning to end. Obviously, you need to be 18 or over to see this one… This film is the tits, literally.


Saturday 04/03, 23:45 in Kino Aero (ENG friendly)


Tromeo and Juliet

A mid-nineties reinterpretation of the classic Shakespeare play.. and no not the Leonardo DiCaprio one.. far from it. Tromeo and Juliet, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, transforms Shakespeare’s bard into a modern mix of incest, trash, body modifications and violence. Like Santo, this film will have headphones available with Czech dubbing. See you there?  Bring your big boy and big girl ID cards, because this one is 18+.


Sunday 05/03, 20:30 in Kino Aero (ENG friendly)

Check out more titles on the official festival website, and make sure you CHECK the programme before going. Some of the foreign films DO NOT have English subtitles.

For tickets and other info, check out the Kino Aero website.

Photo: George Spigot


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