Febiofest 2019: Vox Lux review

Natalie Portman soars as troubled pop star 'Celeste' in Vox Lux.

Films that changed my life: ‘V for Vendetta’ and why I shaved my head

OK, dear readers. I'm on my balcony drinking wine again, so naturally it's time for more of that personal word vomit. So, this feels like an age ago now. Before I was influenced by Aronofsky, Polanski, Tarkovsky, and other directors whose surnames end in 'ski', I was teenager obsessed with V for Vendetta.

Natalie Portman shines in Jackie trailer

A window into the grieving subconsious of first lady Jackie Kennedy, based around an interview with LIFE magazine a week after her husband's assasination and how she brought an entire country back up to speed. This is going to be an epic performance, and who better to tackle such a role than Oscar winning Portman.