‘Gotham City Sirens’ is next Harley Quinn movie

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

So there’s so much happening in the DCE universe that it’s almost hard to keep up. We’ve got Wonder Woman coming out next year, followed closely by Justice League – let’s hope that these two films will restore our faith in the DCE universe after the ‘mixed’ reviews of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. There was also news a while back that Margot Robbie would be getting her own Harley Quinn spin-off movie, because let’s face it, she was the coolest thing about Suicide Squad.

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It’s now confirmed that this spin-off will be Gotham City Sirens and although led by Harley, we’ll see some other Batman super villains including Poison Ivy and maybe Catwoman. No official word on casting choices as yet, aside from Margot Robbie who will not only return as Harley but also as an executive producer. Megan Fox expressed interest in playing Poison Ivy which made the internet go nuts. Really, though? I think that’s a terrible idea.

Suicide Squad director David Ayers is set to return for this one as well. Let’s hope he spends a little more time on screenwriting and editing for this one because that was what ultimately led to Skwad’s downfall. There’s also the question of whether Ayers will choose to portray Harley and Ivy’s love affair which is currently happening in the comics. DC have some catching up to do if they want to compete with Marvel, but at least they’re pushing some lead female roles.

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