Valerian review – Besson’s latest deserves a chance

Valerian is a complicated sci-fi cat. Like Besson's The Fifth Element, it relies heavily on style and quirk, but lacks complexity or depth in its two youthful characters. 

Children of Men is even more relevant today

In 2006 Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón unleashed Children of Men on the world; a science fiction thriller about a world without the voices of children. Based on the book by P.D. James, Children of Men follows the story of Theo (Clive Owen), a Londoner in a fascist and war torn Britain who is soon persuaded to escort the last known pregnant girl to a safe zone across the country with ex girlfriend Julian (Julianne Moore) in a mad attempt to better the world. A world where women can no longer become pregnant. A world where nationalist propaganda is plastered to every billboard, tablet and TV screen. A world where refugees are in cages.