One World Documentary Film Festival: Fire at Sea review

One of the Oscar nominated documentary films for 2017 and currently screening at the One World Documentary Film Festival in Prague. Fire at Sea is a sensory feast. Careful attention to detail has been paid to every shot, and every shot tells its own story. It’s lack of narration and soundtrack give it an element of extreme realism and objectivity that makes it a stand-out documentary of 2016.

One World Documentary Film Festival 2017

Organised by humanist non-profit organisation and charity People in Need, One World (Jeden svÄ›t) is the world’s largest human rights documentary film festival and offers an impeccable selection of documentary films surrounding current socio-political and environmental issues, and will take place from 6/03 – 15/03 in independent cinemas across the Czech capital.

Oliver Stone’s insane Fidel Castro documentary

Oliver Stone, the controversial director who brought us Natural Born Killers, W, and Platoon, made a controversial documentary about the Cuban revolutionary and president Fidel Castro in 2002. The film was never broadcasted on television as planned because of an unfortunate incident involving Castro executing three US bound ferry hijackers and imprisoning more than 70 political dissidents.