One World Documentary Film Festival 2017

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Organised by humanist non-profit organisation and charity People in Need, One World (Jeden svět) is the world’s largest human rights documentary film festival and offers an impeccable selection of documentary films surrounding current socio-political and environmental issues, and will take place from 6/03 – 15/03 in independent cinemas across the Czech capital.

In addition to these screenings, One World boasts discussions, debates, and workshops with activists, academics and documentary film experts. A number of prestigious awards will also be distributed to filmmakers and those who have made a significant impact on human rights.

The overall theme of 2017’s festival is ‘The Art of Collaboration’. Check out Movie Barf’s recommendations below. All films are English friendly.


The Good Postman (Opening night)

Directed by Tonislav Hristov (Soul Food Stories, I Love & Engineering), and an entrant in the international competition category, The Good Postman is a documentary packed with drama, quirk and curiosity. Set on the border of Turkey in an old Bulgarian village that now serves as a gateway to Europe for refugees, inhabitants are divided by the crisis. A local postman insists on filling a deserted house in the village with Syrian families, while others have an internet club in mind. The refugee crisis is a reality that is now relevant across the whole of Europe, even the Czech Republic. This is a great documentary to kick the festival off.

Producer Kaarle Aho will be at opening night for post-screening questions and debate.


Monday – 06/03 – 19:00 – Kino Svetozor – Large Hall (+ debate)

Wednesday – 08/03 – 13:30 – Kino Svetozor – Large Hall (seniors screening)

Saturday – 11/03 – 17:00 – Municipal Library

Monday – 13/03 – 17:30 – Municipal Library


Angry Inuk

An alternative look at the seal hunt in Greenland. The Inuit have long depended on seal hunting for their economy, while various charities, non-profit organisations and celebrities campaigns have been against it. Director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril gives an in-depth look at the rights and traditions of the Inuit and how they have been affected by the banning of seal products throughout the EU. A fascinating case of economy vs ecology.

Inuit activist, lawyer and sealskin advocate Aaju Peter will be in Prague to discuss and debate the issues after selected screenings.


Friday – 10/03 – 22:00 – Bio OKO

Sunday – 12/03 – 14:30 – Kino Lucerna – Small Hall (+ debate)

Monday – 13/03 – 19:30 – Kino 35 (+ debate)


A Young Girl In Her Nineties

Alzheimer’s patient Blanche is 92 years old and takes dance therapy classes with fellow senior citizens. Directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Yann Coridian, this French film is a beautiful documentary portraying the inescapable youth within us all, and how dance therapy can improve wellness and mental health in older generations.

After initial screenings, a dance workshop will be led by choreographer Thierry Niang from the film. Open to all ages.


Friday – 10/03 – 19:30 – Kino 35 (+ dance workshop)

Saturday – 11/03 – 13:30 – Kino Lucerna – Big Hall (+ dance workshop)

Monday – 13/03 – 13:00 – Bio OKO


Epidemic of Freedom

A world premiere and part of the Czech competition category. Epidemic of Freedom documents an investigation into the current vaccination debate and how it’s mandatory in the Czech Republic, while optional in other Western European countries. Director Tereza Reichová and her husband Hynek Reich Štětka put themselves at the centre of the debate and question why they should vaccinate their daughter.

Tereza Reichová will be available for questions and debate after selected screenings.

Credit: One World


Thursday – 09/03 – 19.00 – Kino Lucerna – Big Hall (+ debate)

Saturday – 11/03 – 17:15 – Kino Lucerna – Small Hall (+ debate)

Tuesday – 14/03 – 10:00 Bio OKO (+ debate)


Czech Allah

No doubt you will have noticed the unrest in the Czech Republic since the migrant crisis began, even if the country only took in a few dozen refugees. Filmmaker Zuzana Piussi spent two years interviewing and documenting people on both sides of the equation, including controversial politicians like Martin Konvička.

Zuzana will be available for questions and debate after selected screenings.

Credit: One World


Thursday – 09/03 – 22:00 – Kino Atlas – Small Hall

Saturday – 11/03 – 13:30 – Kino Svetozor – Small Hall (+ debate)

Tuesday – 14/03 – 17:00 – Kino 35 (+ debate)



American politician Anthony Weiner made some controversial and career breaking decisions when he was exposed for ‘sexting’ during his time as a Democratic congressman. One of the best documentaries of last year, and one that chronicles one man’s battle with the media and a dangerous addiction.


09/03 – 21:30 – Lucerna – Large Hall

11/03 – 14:00 – Svetozor – Large Hall

12/03 – 20:00 – Atlas – Small Hall


Nowhere to Hide

Also part of the international competition category, Nowhere to Hide documents the stories of Iraq war survivors through the eyes of male nurse Nori Sharif, who was stationed in a hospital in Jalawla, one of the most dangerous regions of the country. Although the Americans left in 2011, war and violence is still prevalent in Iraq and Nori’s 5-year-span of interviews show the endurance of human life, and the perils of war.


Thursday – 09/03 – 18:15 – Kino Svetozor – Small Hall

Sunday – 12/03 – 19:00 – Kino Lucerna – Large Hall

Monday – 13/03 – 17:30 – Ponrepo


Lost in Lebanon

Approximately 80% of recent Syrian migrants have become illegal in Lebanon due to changes in visa laws. The country, with a population of only 5 million, has taken in over a million refugees in the last few years. Lost in Lebanon documents four related stories of Syrian migrants trying to survive in a country where their basic rights of food and shelter have been taken from them.

Director Georgia Scott will be available for a debate after the screening in Kino Atlas.

Credit: One World


13/03 – 17:00 – Kino Lucerna – Large Hall

14/03 – 19:00 – Municipal Library

15/03 – 17.00 – Kino Atlas – Large Hall (+ debate)

A multitude of other events are happening through the festival so for tickets and more information, stay up-to-date with the One World website and accompanying apps.





















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