Prague Shorts 2018 programme now up – weightlifters, hangovers and sex for beginners

The 15th Prague Short Film Festival is upon us again, and this year’s diverse programme of films from all over the globe, both in and out of competition, is now up. From Ingmar Bergman to Amazonian women, and virtual reality to sex for beginners, there’s a treat for everyone here.

The International competition category boasts four blocks of worldly competition winners and new short films exploring multiple topics – from weightlifters to meteor showers. Over 17 different countries including Australia, Brazil, South Korea and more will be represented this year, and the competition will be judged by an expert jury, including Polish director and screenwriter Tomasz Wasilewski (United States of Love, 2016), Romanian festival programmer and curator Andrei Tănăsescu (member of the Toronto International Film Festival programming team and longtime collaborator of the Berlinale), and Czech film producer Kamila Dohnalová (Furiant, Happy End). The jury will present a 2000-euro prize for Best Film as well as give out two Honourable Mention awards to runners-up.

179654 (1).jpg
‘Weightlifter’ – Ukraine/Poland 2018 (Credit: Prague Shorts)

There will also be a National Czech Competition category showcasing fresh talent that the country has to offer. Festival visitors can attend an evening of Czech short films on Friday 25 January 2019 in Kino Pilotů to see the five selected for the final round, including the winner, as well as see promotional live-action and animated films for the coming year.

Other sections of the festival include the always funny Brutal Relax Show, where you can enjoy the best (and the worst) midnight movies imaginable, the Sex for Beginners category which captures the awkwardness of first-time sex through a variety of films both intimate and amusing, not to mention the Bergman Revisited section dedicated entirely to Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman and films and filmmakers he has inspired.

Prague Shorts will take place from the 23rd to the 27th of January in Prague cinemas Kino Světozor and Kino Pilotů. For full programme, visit the official website.

All films are either in English or have English subtitles.

Photos: Prague Shorts



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