American Gods: Season 1, Episode 6 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert



Episode 6 sees us get back into the road trip side of things. Two road trips in fact, both equally strange, and confusing.

Like previous episodes, we start with another ‘coming to America’ story, and this one seems to be quite recent, and relevant considering the times. After crossing the American border with a group of illegal immigrants, a Mexican Jesus-like figure is shot and killed, before collapsing to the ground in a crucifixion position.

Aside from Anansi, who may or may not have been that spider that we saw crack open Wednesday’s handcuffs in the last episode, it’s unsure of when exactly this Jesus, or the other gods from these origin stories, will pop up again. However, Jesus could have something to do with the Leprechaun (Pablo Schreiber), who has now shacked up with Laura (Emily Browning), and Salim (Omid Abtahi) from an earlier episode.

The three make for quite an interesting cadre. Each one as vastly different to the next. There’s Laura, the dead wife, off to find her glowing Shadow, then there’s the foul-mouthed Leprechaun, desperate to get to Kentucky in order to get the coin out of Laura… perhaps by a certain Jesus we met earlier, and then finally, we have Salim who is looking for the Jinn he encountered in New York City but then did a runner.

The chemistry between the three is interesting but the journey is a little slow. It seems as if they’re wasting a bit of time – Laura takes them off route to Indiana so she can spy on her family. What actually happened to Salim? He’s a new person now, but who exactly? Who knows what’s next for these three. They seem to be fairly off course at the moment.

On our other road trip, we have Wednesday and Shadow who narrowly escaped the new gods. They get a car, but have to stop to remove a tree parasite from Shadow’s stomach. Still no clear answer on what that thing was from the previous episode. Wednesday supplies us with some subtle answers which should provoke curiosity, but there’s been quite a bit of that already… now it’s just getting a little frustrating.

Eventually, we reach one of the more interesting scenes of the episode involving the double-crossing god of firepower, Vulcan, who isn’t actually in the book. A disturbing scene with multiple references to guns as tools for prayer and religion; something that hits the nail on the head with American culture right now. That scene of raining bullets was also a nice touch, but then the episode just ends.

It seems as though the series is going around in circles now. There was a lack of distance and narrative achieved in this episode. I’d like to see them get to Wisconsin sooner rather than later. If the new gods arrive in Vulcan before our heroes manage to leave, something tells me it’s going to be a bit of a sh-tstorm. Only two episodes left..

Photo: BWA Crew

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