Prague Febio Fest 2017 recommendations

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

One of the biggest and best international film festivals in the Czech Republic is back in Prague for it’s 24th year. Febio Fest boasts an outstanding programme of films divided into unique categories, all screened at CineStar cinemas in Prague. This year the festival pays tribute to both current and classic, not to mention hosting an esteemed list of well-known filmmakers and other guests.

This year Serbian director Emir Kusturica (Arizona Dream, Underground), a graduate of the Prague FAMU Academy of Performing Arts, will be at the festival to talk about his new film On the Milky Road, starring Italian actress Monica Bellucci.

Another notable guest is Agnieszka Holland, talented director of films like Europa Europa and The Secret Garden, not to mention episodes of some of the most well-written television series around at the moment, including House of Cards and The Killing.

Czech actor Jan Tříska, known for portraying countless Czech characters over the years as well as making an impact on the international scene with Milos Forman and other big names, will be at the festival for an official Q&A after the screening of his first big role in film Radúz and Mahulena. 

David Cronenberg’s regular cinematographer Peter Suschitzky will also be at the festival, along with screenings of some of his best work such as Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! and Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch.

For the full list of guests, films, and ticket information, go to the Febio Fest website. Scroll down to check out our list of film recommendations for this year. All recommended films are English friendly.


Loving (2016)

Directed by Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special, Mud), Loving follows the inspiring true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, and their struggle to have their marriage recognised in the state of Virginia. Stand-out performances by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Oscars.


23/03 – 20:00 – CineStar Andel

24/03 – 15:30 – CineStar Andel

25/03 – 18:00 – CineStar Andel


Sing Street (2016)

A Dublin based rock and roll story about young Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) and his mission to form a band and impress a girl. Directed and co-written by John Carney (Once, Love Song), this Golden Globe nominated comedy is an absolute pleasure to watch and an essential for music fans.


23/03 – 20:00 – CineStar Andel

25/03 – 16:15 –  CineStar Andel

27/03 – 22:30 – Cinestar Andel


Godless (2016)

Set in a small Bulgarian town, morphine addicted nurse Gana (Irena Ivanova) abuses the rights of the sick by stealing their ID and selling everything on the black market. An unsettling drama that follows the trials and tribulations of a drug addict attempting to relocate her conscience.


23/03 – 21:00 – CineStar Andel

27/03 – 16:30 – CineStar Andel

28/03 – 18:00 – CineStar Andel


Una (2016)

Based on the play Blackbirds by David Harrower, Una finds a young woman (Rooney Mara) approaching older man Ray (Ben Mendelsohn) and questioning him about her past, all in his workplace. An intense drama that brings hidden desires of both characters to the surface. Director Benedict Andrew’s debut is certainly a memorable one.


23/03 – 17:45 – CineStar Andel

24/03 – 20:45 – CineStar Andel

26/03 – 16:00 – CineStar Andel


Salt and Fire (2016)

Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog (Into the Inferno), Salt and Fire is set around a volcano in South America and the complications that arise with three UN scientists investigating an ecological disaster which a multinational company may be behind. A thriller with an internationally renowned cast including Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals) and Gael Garcia Bernal (No).


24/03 – 21:30 – CineStar Andel

25/03 – 19:00 – CineStar Andel

27/03 – 16:30 – CineStar Andel


Personal Shopper (2016)

Kristen Stewart stars as Maureen, a personal shopper for a well-known celebrity who lives in a squat and supposedly talks to the dead. An unusual ghost drama by French director Olivier Assayas who earned a Best Director award at Cannes.


24/03 – 19:00 – CineStar Andel

25/03 – 14:00 – CineStar Andel

26/03 – 21:45 – CineStar Andel


The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

The Zookeeper’s wife is set during the second world war and based on the true story of Antonina Żabińska (Jessica Chastain) and her husband who together, saved the lives of hundreds by hiding them in their Warsaw zoo. Directed by Niki Caro and shot in the Czech Republic, this is definitely one of the festival highlights.


25/03 – 18:45 – CineStar Andel

27/03 – 20:00 – CineStar Cerny Most

28/03 – 14:45 – CineStar Andel


Christine (2016)

The story of Florida TV news anchor Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall) and her dramatic downfall that led to her on-air suicide during prime time news. Based on a true story, Christine is directed by Antonio Campos and boasts a truly spellbinding performance by Rebecca Hall.


25/03 – 21:00 – CineStar Andel

26/03 – 18:15 – CineStar Andel

27/03 – 16:30 – CineStar Andel


A Monster Calls (2016)

Directed by Juan Antonio Bajona (The Impossible, The Orphanage), A Monster Calls sees young boy Conor (Lewis MacDougall) develop an imaginative relationship with a gigantic monster (Liam Neeson) in order to cope with his mother’s terminal illness. Co-starring Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver, this is an absolute must.


26/03 – 14:00 – CineStar Andel

28/03 – 19:45 – CineStar Andel

29/03 – 20:00 – CineStar Cerny Most


Welcome to Norway (2016)

The story of politically Petter Primus (Anders Baasmo Christiansen), a bothersome nobody who attempts to turn his run-down family hotel into a refugee centre.


27/03 – 19:30 – CineStar Andel

28/03 – 17:00 – CineStar Andel

29/03 – 15:30 – CineStar Andel


Prevenge (2016)

Ruth is seven months pregnant and believes that her unborn child is coaxing her into a murderous rampage. Written, directed by and starring British comedian Alice Lowe, this horror comedy is not for the faint of heart.


29/03 – 22:00 – CineStar Andel

30/03 – 14:00 – CineStar Andel

31/03 – 19:00 – CineStar Andel


All recommended films are English friendly. For tickets and additional information, go to the website.

Photo: SBS


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