Legion: Season 1, Episode 6 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert



We’re now at the third last episode of the total mind-f-ck that is Legion. We learn more about the elusive Lenny and his/her background, as well as his/her motivations.

So, at the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw our Summerland crowd end up in David’s childhood home where he and his sister were imprisoned by Lenny/the monster. Just before the Eye shot David, they retreated into David’s mind, where they are now stuck in a re-imagining of the Clockwork mental institution from earlier episodes. At least we think it’s a re-imagining…

It’s an interesting look at character depth once again, as we see the Summerland crew examined under the microscope of Dr Lenny. Most of the characters however, do have an inkling that there’s something else going on. Cary and Kerry start to talk about a floating prison of ice, obviously the one where Oliver Bird is, within David’s subconscious. Is Oliver going to be the voice of sanity and reason that forces them all to wake up and go back to the room with the bullets?

As per usual, there were some lovely montages including the one of Lenny dancing through David’s mind to ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone, even if that song is used WAY too much in modern film and television. Aubrey Plaza continues to mature as an actress with Lenny, but she’s still not 100% convincing. A little less quirk and a little more insanity would go a long way here.

The best scene though, was the cricket music montage with Sydney floating around Clockwork, as if levitating. A stunning piece of music, that is available to listen to on the soundtrack as well. The music in general plays a big part in this chapter as we’re constantly treated to all sorts of distortions and reversals in background tracks, especially in the more psychological scenes. It gives the sense that something is always off and not quite as it seems.

So where will everything go from here? The Eye seems to be somewhat conscious of where he is and what’s going on, and will he team up with the other guys to get out of David’s mind? Sydney is also reasonably clued-up as to where she is, and Melanie Bird is taken back to the room temporarily so she’s also getting closer to the truth. The only person that is still COMPLETELY lost, is David, who is helplessly still under Lenny’s spell. Who is going to wake him up? That is the question…

We know for sure now that Lenny is some kind of parasitic monster that’s been around David ‘since the womb’ and that knows his original father. We also know that she’s been in more than one person, but stayed in David because she likes his power – so does that imply that she’s some kind of mind-invading mutant?

Is Legion going to continue to screw with us or will things clear up before the season’s end? Two episodes to go…

Feature photo: Screen Rant




  1. What is the name of the song at the end of the episode where Sydney wakes up and the song continues through the credits?


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