Legion: Season 1, Episode 2 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


SPOILERS. Obviously..

The stage is set (kind of) and the characters are pretty much established (umm no). From episode 2, Legion is proving more and more to be a beautifully cryptic puzzle that’s going to leave you scratching your head, but generally wowed.

So from the end of the first episode, we know that David has been rescued by Syd and her mutant resistance people, including leader Melanie Bird, and taken to the Summerland facility. Research begins on David’s past, specifically his memories surrounding traumatic experiences involving his powers. For the first time, Miss Bird (is that name suggesting something for the near future?) has managed to get David to tune in and out of the legions of voices in his head, enhancing concentration and keeping his powers reasonably under control.

David’s past is a complicated cat and new mutant Ptonomy Wallace (Jeremie Harris), who had a hand in rescuing David from the treacherous ‘Division Three’ at the end of episode 1, is a ‘memory artist’ and helps him dive into his f-cked-up past and understand who he was, and what he’s capable of. This is where we first see David’s father, whose face remains in the dark. In the comics his father was Professor X. but I wouldn’t keep your hopes up for that to happen here.

We also see more of his childhood relationship with his sister Amy, and eventually discover that she’s been taken in by Division Three when David has a vision during an MRI scan, that ends up with the machine half-destroyed. Presumably, Amy is going to be tortured at the hands of the strange man with the messy eye in order for the division to get some details on her brother’s whereabouts. What else could those leeches / eels be used for?

Episode two is another visual feat. Like the Clockwork hospital in the first, Summerland is a woodland IKEA dream, and the well-crafted cinematography manages to really put you in the driving seat of David’s psychedelic memories – that drug trip scene with the frog was great. Aubrey Plaza really is good at playing a junkie mental patient.

Credit: IGN

We still have no idea who that obese yellow-eyed devil is, and the Summerland mutants seem pretty puzzled by its presence as well. Bird and Ptonomy seem to be pretty pushy with David’s memory work.. I wonder if there intentions are good. Syd and David’s relationship appears to be blossoming, but something tells me we can’t expect the same thing with the others.

Feature Photo: Screen Rant


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