Velvet Buzzsaw review – bizarre, tacky, dated, but a future cult classic?

Velvet Buzzsaw is the most peculiar film I have seen so far this year. It feels dated, predictable, tacky and occasionally trashy. In hindsight though, maybe it wasn’t trashy enough? It feels like a satire on the art community, albeit one that we’ve heard too many times before, but never actually plays up the horror enough to take into trash cinema territory.

Donnie Darko turns 20: Ten things you didn’t know

It’s been 20 years! ‘Donnie Darko’, everyone’s favourite f*cked-up time traveller and his furry pal ‘Frank’ recently celebrated the film’s massive 20th anniversary. Let’s have a look at some of the things you may not know about this now cult classic film, which more or less launched the career of Jake Gyllenhaal and launched an obsessive following.