A Monster Calls review

One of the stand-outs at Prague Febio Fest so far, A Monster Calls is a carefully constructed masterpiece that dwells on life and death, and everything in between. A superb exercise in psychology and grief through the eyes of a child.


Darth Vader back in new Rogue One international trailer

It's surprising that there isn't more hype around this movie. This time last year everyone was bonkers for The Force Awakens. I guess that's what happens when you do a spin-off movie with new characters, but I think that's where Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to succeed. There's so much that can be … Continue reading Darth Vader back in new Rogue One international trailer

Inferno review

6.5 Robert Langdon, the nerdy version of Indiana Jones, is back and on the way to hell in Inferno. The third Ron Howard film based on the series of books by Dan Brown has all the usual painting puzzles that have become a little tiresome over the years, but with some colourful imagery and more character development, it’s definitely not another Da Vinci Code.