Films that changed my life: ‘Cloud Atlas’ and why I got it tattooed on my arm

You knew this was coming. It’s long overdue. Every hardcore movie nerd has a tattoo of their favourite film, and they wear it with pride. Unlike most white opinionated male movie nerds between the ages of 30 to 40 however, my tattoos are not Star Wars related. No, my tattoo is one of those ones that people see and think ‘wow, that’s so detailed and interesting, and pretentious…’, and they are absolutely right. I do have a pretentious movie tattoo, and I absolutely love it. Sorry.

Inferno review


Robert Langdon, the nerdy version of Indiana Jones, is back and on the way to hell in Inferno. The third Ron Howard film based on the series of books by Dan Brown has all the usual painting puzzles that have become a little tiresome over the years, but with some colourful imagery and more character development, it’s definitely not another Da Vinci Code.