Watch David Lynch’s new short film ‘Fire (Pozar)’ on YouTube for free

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Despite these being strange times, you’ve got to admire the hard work of creative geniuses like David Lynch that are putting their solitude to good use.

Pozar, ‘fire’ in Czech, was written, drawn and directed by Lynch and has actually been in the works since 2015 with music performed by the Penderecki String Quartet and written by Marek Zebrowski, a regular Lynch collaborator.

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“The whole point of our experiment was that I would say nothing about my intentions and Marek would interpret the visuals in his own way,” Lynch said. “So I say it was a great successful experiment.”

The Twin Peaks director also released short film WHAT DID JACK DO? on Netflix earlier this year. And he also recently revived his bizarre weather reports.

Photo: No Film School


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