Prague filmmaker Gem Deger drops first trailer for ‘Playdurizm’

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Prague-based filmmaker Gem Deger’s debut feature film Playdurizm has just dropped its first neon-blazed trailer, and it looks sufficiently weird and wild.

With Deger in the lead role, Playdurizm finds a teenager caught in a surreal and glitzy reality with his on-screen idol. He does everything he can to be possessed by the man but ignores the violence that got him there in the first place. The film is a provocative take on the blurred lines between reality and art, celebrity worship syndrome, and the pursuit of self-acceptance in a censored society.

Also starring Austin Chunn and Issy Stewart, this is writer/director Gem Deger’s first feature film. Co-written by Morris Stuttard and produced by The Lab Europe, Playdurizm is currently available for international sales through Wide Management distribution.

Gem Deger is a young self-made multi-media artist born in 1997 in Konak, Turkey. A pop culture and art fanatic, he also shot several home-made short LGBT films and music videos in his homeland before moving to Prague to freely develop a more subversive form of expression.

Premiere and screening updates for Playdurizm are yet to be announced. Watch this space!

Photo: Wide Management

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