Drive-in cinemas return to Prague for the first time in 20 years

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Drive-in cinemas are back in the Czech capital for the first time in 20 years! Perhaps this is one of the better things to arise out of quarantine? Enjoy the cinema experience from the safety of your own car. Don’t have one? Might be time to invest!

There are actually THREE new venues which have popped up for your viewing pleasure and convenience. Remember that all other cinemas in the Czech Republic are currently closed due to the COVID-19 quarantine and may not open until June at the earliest.

Drive-in Kino Praha

Drive-in Kino Praha is the new drive-in project in cooperation with Edison Filmhub and has a wonderful programme composed of both classic and contemporary films, both mainstream and festival art film. If you’ve been to Movie Barf Monday in Edison before, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Starting from Wednesday, May 6th, you can catch Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, or masterful Joaquin Phoenix thriller You Were Never Really Here in the BEAUTIFUL Divoká Šárka forest and park for 450CZK per car. Check out the programme below and visit the website for tickets and more.

Wednesday, May 6
20:00: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

Thursday, May 7
16:00: 25 km/hr (in German with Czech subtitles)
19:30: Les Miserables (in French with Czech subtitles)
23:00: A Quiet Place

Friday, May 8
10:00: A Dog’s Purpose (dubbed into Czech)
16:00: Perfect Strangers (Italian with Czech subtitles)
19:00: Vlastníci (Owners) (in Czech)
22:30: Queen of Hearts (in Danish with Czech subtitles)

Saturday, May 9
10:00: How to Train Your Dragon 3 (dubbed into Czech)
15:00: The Great Beauty (Italian with Czech subtitles)
19:00: La La Land
22:30: You Were Never Really Here 

Sunday, May 10
10:00: Jumanji: The Next Level 
16:00: Staříci (Old-Timers) (in Czech)
19:30: Toni Erdmann (in German and English with Czech subtitles)

Art Parking

The Art Parking project will offer cinema and live theatre and music entertainment in the Prague market in Holešovice, and films in its new Nákladové nádraží location every day at 20:00. Tickets are 400Kč per car and must be bought online in advance.

Films that will kick off the Art Parking project, which is in a pilot phase, will include the Oscar-winning films Parasite, Green Book, La La Land and more. See the full programme below and on their website.

Monday, April 27
20:00: Parasite (in Korean with Czech subtitles)

Tuesday, April 28
20:00: V síti (in Czech)

Wednesday, April 29
20:00: Green Book

Thursday, April 30
16:00: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (in French with Czech subtitles)
20:00: La La Land

Friday, May 1
11:00: Paddington 2 (dubbed into Czech)
16:00: Národní třída (in Czech)
20:00: Through Africa on a Pioneer (in Czech)

Saturday, May 2
11:00: Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon (dubbed into Czech)
15:00: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
20:00: Vlastníci (Owners) (in Czech)

Sunday, May 3
11:00: Mirai (dubbed into Czech)
15:00: Midsommar
20:00: La belle époque (in French with Czech subtitles)

Kino Auto

Cinemagoers can also check out Kino Auto, which has set up a drive-in cinema in the Smile carpark near the airport in Ruzyně. Tickets are 600Kč and must also be bought online.

This weekend, the new cinema will screen classics like The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction and more. See the full programme below and check out the website for tickets and more details.

Friday, April 24
20:30: Pulp Fiction

Saturday, April 25
20:30: Samotáři (in Czech)
23:30: Ikarie XB 1 (in Czech)

Sunday, April 26
20:30: The Fifth Element

Hope to see you there!

Photo: Time Out





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