Why ‘Three Identical Strangers’ is the most remarkable documentary you’ll see this year

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Three brothers separated at birth are reunited by pure chance – it’s got to be one of the most remarkable stories you’ve ever heard in the media, but what drives documentary Three Identical Strangers is just how mind-boggling and cinematic the backstory is.

Directed by the BAFTA nominated Tim Wardle (Lifers), Three Identical Strangers focuses on the unbelievable true story of two identical brothers, Bobby Shafran and Eddie Galland, who meet by coincidence in university, who are then joined by the third brother David Kellman when he sees them on national television.

What starts as somewhat of a typical human interest story soon spirals into something much darker as the story behind the triplet’s separation and the sinister adoption agency involved gradually come to the surface – you have probably never seen anything quite like this before.

Three Identical Strangers hits Czech cinemas May 30.

Photo: Aerofilms



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