Mezipatra QFF – Patra’s new community centre needs your support

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Czech Republic’s annual queer film festival Mezipatra recently started a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for a new LGBTQ community centre in Vršovice’s Patra bar and cafe, and needs your support!

The festival cafe is looking to raise 440 000 Kč during the HitHit campaign, which will run until the end of June. Contributors will have the chance to win jewellery from Zorya and fashion from designer Pavel Brejcha.

Run by Mezipatra founder Aleš Rumpel, Patra bar and cafe is a hub for the LGBTQ community in Prague and offers a limitless range of queer-friendly events, including film screenings, art exhibitions, parties, debates and lectures on hot topics within the community, including gay marriage, as well as support groups for transsexuals, and workshops for trans children and their parents.

“Mezipatra is not just about movies, it’s also a place where people can meet, shape and develop a queer friendly community. Two weeks in November, however, is just not enough. That’s why we created Patra, an ideal base for such a year-long festival. A place where you can have a drink and also learn something. A place not only for gays and lesbians, but for all queer friendly people,” says festival director Pavel Bicek.

Donate now at

Photo: Prague Beer Garden

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