In photos: Prague’s historic Kino Lucerna

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Prague’s Kino Lucerna is still one of the most beautiful and historical cinema complexes in the Czech Republic, and also the world.

Built by Vácslav Havel, the grandfather of former president Václav Havel, the picturesque cinema and adjacent cafe and ballroom is situated in the stunning Lucerna passageway in downtown Prague.

The cinema complex first opened in 1909 and has hosted its fair share of local and international film celebrities. Its stunning hybrid of Art Nouveau and Renaissance architecture make the complex the ideal venue for film premieres as well as both international and local film festivals.

Now equipped with a smaller and more intimate screening hall, Kino Lucerna boasts both 2K and 4K screening technology and cutting-edge Dolby 7.1 surround sound systems.

To celebrate the palace’s 108th birthday on December 3, have a look at some photos of the cinema, passageway, rooftop (open to the public on special occasions) and ballroom taken over the complex’s long and luxurious life.

Photos: Kino Lucerna


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