Roman Polanski directs Eva Green in ‘Based on a True Story’

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

French / Polish director Roman Polanski will present his new drama Based on a True Story starring Eva Green at Cannes Film Festival this year between May 17 – 28.

The director’s first film in four years sees a writer in Paris (Emmanuelle Seigner) struggle with her relationship with an obsessive fan (Eva Green).

Based on the book by Delphine de Vigan, Polanski has adapted the material with the help of director Olivier Assayas, whom won Best Director at Cannes last year for his film Personal Shopper.

Polanski’s film career, like his life, have been a set of ups and downs lately. With the help of Assayas, it will be interesting to see what kind of direction the story has gone in.

Photo: Twitter

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