Legion: Season 1, Episode 5 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


SPOILERS. Obviously.

Much like the previous episode, some questions answered… but more come to the surface. We’re over the halfway mark of the season now, and everything’s starting to heat up.

First things first, Sydney and David can now have physical relations using David’s telepathy, which brings them together a little bit more, and that makes it all a bit creepy when we learn that David is not actually David, but rather the monster that’s temporarily taken over since he came back from the astral plane.

So our theory was partly correct. It seems that David does have a split personality, the other belonging to this yellow-eyed monster who makes a proper appearance in this episode. That scene where he approaches Sydney was really creepy – another feat with lighting and visuals.

We also learn that some of these other floating characters like the angry boy and Lenny/Benny might actually be the same person. Are they all one personality? Or are they just another manifestation of the monster? Either way, the loonies have taken over and David is no longer in control. Aubrey Plaza does an OK job of Lenny in this episode. She’s convincingly evil, unlike earlier episodes. How cool was that mirror scene?

The rescue scene in which David, under the control of the monster, wreaks havoc in Division 3 before rescuing (and then taunting) his sister was pretty well-done. I like that Legion relies more on the result than the process. Like earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, the series doesn’t feel the need to emphasise the big war scenes, but rather put you in the messy aftermath. That Radiohead montage when Melanie Bird and the others arrive at D3 was great.

But let’s talk about the most exciting part of this series so far which was the silent sequence in David and Amy’s childhood house – a massive throwback to that famous ‘Hush’ episode of Buffy, which just had its 20th anniversary.

So, in the end we’re left with an Inception like dream within a dream sequence. Was it really all just some kind of Clockwork hallucination? Come on, no. That would be terrible. But Legion gets a lot of points for originality and general mind-f-cking in this episode.

And now that we know for sure that David was adopted, is it possible that they’ll bring Charles Xavier into season 2 as his father? Patrick Stewart did just express interest in playing Xavier in the series… but before that he was saying that he was done with X-Men, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Feature photo: Screen Rant


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