A Ghost Story – Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara in Sundance favourite

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Writer/director David Lowery’s new film A Ghost Story was all the talk at the recent Sundance Film Festival. Lowery managed to keep the film completely under wraps until months after production was completed.

The story mainly concerns Casey Affleck’s character who suddenly dies. Rooney Mara, his wife, grieves the loss and attempts to move on while Affleck’s childlike ghost (the kind with a sheet and two eye-holes) remains in the house.

Lowery, who also directed the surprisingly decent remake of Pete’s Dragon last year, has supposedly gone for a very dreamy and existential film, rather than a scary one, but it never gets too heavy.

Credit: Variety

A Ghost Story is Affleck and Mara’s second film together after 2013’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, also directed by Lowery. 

This is also Mara’s second outing with the afterlife this year. The dreamy dystopian Discovery will be released on Netflix on March 31.

A Ghost Story will be in select cinemas later this year, watch this space for the trailer.

Feature photo: Hollywood Reporter



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