Catfight trailer – Anne Heche beats up Sandra Oh

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

‘A black and blue comedy’ – a pretty accurate tagline for Catfight, a movie that sees Anne Heche and Sandra Oh literally beating each other into comas. This trailer is intense… and hilarious.

Veronica played by Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Ashley played by Anne Heche (Six Days Seven Nights) used to be old college friends that fell out, seemingly over political reasons as well as personal ones. After meeting at a party in present day, insults are thrown.. and the punches soon follow. Check out the trailer…

Directed by Onur Tukel (Summer of Blood, Richard’s Wedding), Catfight promises to be a weird and wonderful ride into hilarious hatred, and with a cast like this, also including Alicia Silverstone, we’re in for some fascinating characters.

Catfight will be in selected cinemas from March.

Photo: NY Magazine


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