10 things you didn’t know about Scream

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

What’s your favourite scary movie? Wes Craven’s (R.I.P.) gruesome and clever reinvention of the slasher film Scream was released 20 years ago today. To celebrate, let’s have a look at some of the lesser known facts that make this movie even more unique than it already is… including the fact that Linda Blair had a cameo. Linda f-ing Blair!

1. Drew Barrymore was the original Sidney

Drew Barrymore was the original pick for lead character Sidney Prescott, but decided to take the smaller role of Casey Becker because she thought it would be shocking to see a big star die at the beginning of the film.

2. One of the best lines was improvised

Matthew Lillard improvised the line “My mom and dad are going to be so mad at me”. Wes Craven decided to keep it in because it was so funny.

3. Gay undertones

Many fans have spun theories of a gay relationship between killers Stu and Billy though nothing has ever officially been confirmed.

4. It was going to be called ‘Scary Movie’

The original title of the film was ‘Scary Movie’ but was changed by producers The Weinstein Brothers after Harvey Weinstein listened to Michael Jackson’s ‘Scream’.

5. ‘The longest night in horror history’

The final party scene took 21 nights to shoot and became known as ‘the longest horror night in history’ by both cast and crew.

6. Wes Craven had a cameo

Wes Craven has a cameo as a school janitor dressed in a striped sweater and a hat – a nod to Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, also directed by Craven.

7. Linda Blair also had a cameo

Star of The Exorcist Linda Blair has a cameo as a reporter in the first high school scene. She’s in a bright orange blouse.

8. More people started to use caller ID

Americans started to use caller ID three times as much after the release of the film.

9. The iconic mask

The iconic ‘ghostface’ mask was a cheap Halloween mask found on a location scout for the film.

10. Lots and lots of blood

Almost 200 litres of blood was used by special effects artists in the movie.

Feature photo: Pinterest

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