Movie Barf’s Top 10 movie posters of 2016

So while I’m slugging away finishing off the year and also trying to collate my best of 2016 list, I thought I’d at least put up the best posters. There were a lot of memorable ones this year, perhaps even more memorable than the films themselves (The Neon Demon). Some of them were difficult to rank as they’re almost on par with each other, but it wasn’t difficult to choose number 1 – this one will probably end up on the best film list as well. Enjoy the splendid colours and lovely symmetry!

FilmAsia Fest: The Wailing review

The Wailing is an epic horror tale by South Korean director Hong jin-Na with some truly disturbing imagery, and even has an element of Stephen King to it. But ultimately, it suffers from an identity crisis. It’s hard to know exactly what this movie is, and I’m not even sure if it knows itself.