Watch for free: ‘Our Iranian Lockdown’ – a rare look inside quarantine in Tehran

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

The Guardian recently released a free-for-watch documentary short and Q&A with Iranian filmmakers Sara Khaki and Mohammad Reza Eyni, who filmed the early days of lockdown in Iran from within their Tehran apartment.

Despite there already being multiple documentaries, short films and Zoom calls on YouTube, Netflix and more, Our Iranian Lockdown is a genuinely eye-opening and particularly intimate look at the couple’s quarantine life, the tragic death of a family member and preparations for Persian New Year celebrations.

At just 11 minutes long, the short packs quite an emotional punch – it’s a beautifully orchestrated celebration of life and death from within the four walls of the couple’s apartment, and their balcony. The film also shows just how powerful a healing tool filmmaking can be.

Watch Our Iranian Lockdown today and read the Guardian Q&A with the filmmakers here.

Photo: The Guardian


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