‘Havel’ hits Czech cinemas and actor Viktor Dvořák is the spitting image

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

The very first biopic on Czech president and playwright Václav Havel hits Czech cinemas today. Written and directed by Slávek Horák (Home Care), Havel covers the early years of the Czech icon’s dissident life up to the Velvet Revolution.

The relatively unknown Viktor Dvořák stars as the revolutionary and it’s really quite remarkable just how much the actor looks like the real Havel.

“I watched various documentaries. I also realised that Havel became president when I was 10 or 11 years old and I grew up on him. I realise now, looking back, that I’ve got him under my skin, that I took him in, among other ways through various speeches and interviews.” Dvořák said to Czech Radio.

The film also stars Anna Geislerová as wife Olga Havlová, and Martin Hofmann as actor Pavel Landovský, Havel’s good friend.

Havel is now screening in Czech cinemas. Check local cinema programmes for screenings with English subtitles.

Photo: Prague Morning


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