Game of Thrones ‘Night King’ is Slovak and lives in Olomouc

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

It appears that ‘winter’ isn’t coming, but has actually been here all along, particularly in the Czech-Moravian city of Olomouc where Vladimír ‘Furdo’ Furdík, the actor who plays the dreaded ‘Night King’ in popular series Game of Thrones, calls home.

According to, Furdík, who has played the infamous villain since Season 6 of the HBO series, is originally from Bratislava in neighbouring Slovakia but lives in Olomouc with his native Czech wife Denisa Furdíková.

Furdík before 6 hours of make-up (Credit: The Indian Express)

The 49-year-old would undergo approximately 6 hours of make-up before every shoot to transform into the Night King – the leader of the White Walkers, who will play a significant role in Season 8 starting this Monday.

The actor and stuntman is one of many Czech and Slovak performers to break into Hollywood, and has worked on a number of big budget Hollywood projects including James Bond hit Skyfall and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO CZ/SK Monday, April 15.

Photo: Highlight Hollywood

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