Love, Death + Robots trailer – David Fincher’s new animated anthology series

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

The first trailer for new animated anthology series Love, Death + Robots is a sensory overload of epic proportion, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Created by David Fincher (Mindhunter, Gone Girl) and Tim Miller (Deadpool), the new Netflix original series is an anthology of animated stories for adults and is guaranteed to be totally batshit.

In a recent Netflix press release, the show was described as ‘Sentient Dairy Products, Rogue Werewolf Soldiers, Robots Gone Wild, Sexy Cyborgs, Alien Spiders And Blood-thirsty Demons From Hell Converge In An 185-minute Genre Orgy Of Stories’, sold yet?

The series also promises to touch on relevant topics in modern politics, as well as deal with racism, war and other themes.

Love, Death + Robots will hit Netflix CZ on March 15.

Photo: Screen Rant

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