In photos: the story of Prague Studios

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Prague Studios is one of the largest film and television production studios in the Czech Republic and sees a multitude of local and international talent pass through its doors on a day to day basis. I recently took a tour to get a feel for the place, and was treated to some surprising titbits about the complex’s intriguing history.

Located next to Prague’s Letňany Airport, the studios, along with Barrandov Studios, is one of the most popular venues for international productions being filmed in the Czech Republic. However, long before its opening in 1999, the studios were actually a series of hangars where a variety of aircraft were assembled, including even German and Russian warplanes.

Photo: Letňanské listy

These days however, the planes have been replaced with state-of-the-art film production equipment, famous faces and lavish sets. Some of the larger international productions shot in the studios include xXx, Wanted, The Red Baron, Red Tails, Van Helsing, Dune, Underworld: Blood Wars, and Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro’s Blade II and Hellboy.

Recently, the studios also began construction on two brand new stages, as well as a mass of production offices – now the largest in the country. Coupled with the Czech government’s new industry support programme which offers a 20% rebate for international productions partly set in the Czech Republic, the studios are bound to see some big projects hit the country this year.

Have a browse through some of the photos that have defined the studios’ hard work through recent years.

Photos: Prague Studios

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