Wes Anderson films in Prague’s Bio OKO

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Prague’s Bio OKO will present limited screenings of Wes Anderson films from the 8th – 11th of February.

The Texan filmmaker, and best friend to Owen Wilson, is known for his signature use of photographic symmetry, retro colour palettes, Rolling-Stone-inspired soundtracks, darkly comedic sense of humour, and of course Bill Murray. Majority of Anderson’s films revolve around dysfunctional families and nostalgia – themes that are more than relevant in today’s film industry, not to mention society in general.

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Bio OKO will screen classic Anderson films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, the stop-motion animation masterpiece Fantastic Mr Fox, as well as going back to the director’s roots with his debut feature film Bottle Rocket, and the more recent Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel – a film inspired by hotels in the Czech Republic and other Eastern countries.

For full programme and ticket details, visit the official cinema website.

Photo: Fantastic Mr Fox – YouTube


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