After the Storm – Czech premiere of latest Hirokazu Koreeda film

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Be2Can Distribution presents an English friendly screening of After the Storm, the new film from Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda, which will premiere in Prague’s Kino Svetozor on Thursday September 7.

The acclaimed director of Our Little Sister and Nobody Knows is back with his latest film After the Storm, which sees retired and damaged author Shinoda Ryôta, played by Hiroshi Abe, also in Koreeda’s Still Walking, attempt to reconnect with his family after years of wrongdoings and a gambling addiction.

The film, though focusing mainly on the subject of family, also touches on Japanese society. Director Koreeda’s films are also well known for their exceptional humanist approach to cinematography, and After the Storm is no exception with a number of award nominations on the festival circuit including last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Check out the trailer below.

Tickets and other details available on Facebook and in Kino Svetozor.

Photo: Roger Ebert

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