The Leftovers: Season 3, Episode 5 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


Season 3’s token Matt episode sees the character finally take a rest from his messiah Kevin rambling and also sees the development of yet another mysterious god figure in the series… and there’s sex.. lots of sex.

Matt (Christopher Eccleston), scared of the 7th anniversary of the sudden departure, makes his way to Australia in order to bring Kevin back to Miracle, in order for his biblical prophecy to be fulfilled.

As mentioned last week, The Leftovers, especially this season is relying a lot on conflicting and contradictory character motivations, and it’s doing this via music. This episode is no exception, with the opening scene a ballet of sorts with a French submarine officer running naked through the halls of a war sub before detonating a bomb in the South Pacific, all to a jagged and jolty French soundtrack. A disturbing, yet wholly entertaining and creative scene.

The boat scenes were also somewhat creative, and packed to the brim with sex. Like the GR, we see yet another strange cult that could have developed as a result of the sudden departure, and their inspiration story about Frasier the lion, is actually true.

The cult’s extreme religious ridiculousness is exactly what Matt needed to confront his own beliefs, and the possible reality that they may be false. Then we had the ‘god’ character who more or less confirmed that Matt was in it for himself, and therefore no longer has any pressing matters in Melbourne. What a waste of a trip to Australia, huh?

Then there’s Laurie, John and Michael who came along for the ride. Three characters that seem to have lost their purpose in the series altogether. The relationship between Laurie and John especially unconvincing, as it has been since the beginning of this season.

Laurie’s motivations to help Kevin are somewhat valid, but still… What is her true agenda? What can we expect to happen on the 7th anniversary of the departure?

Photo: Screen Rant




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