Get Out review – Hitchcock with a dash of much needed modernity

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


The horror phenomenon that combines traditional scare elements seamlessly with modern social relevance. Director Jordan Peele has made a lasting impression on us here. He knows what he’s doing.

African-American Chris is meeting his girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) wealthy white parents for the first time and is understandably anxious about the whole situation. Upon arrival, Chris notices something off about the Armitages and the seemingly perfect American town in general.

Peele has provided us with an engaging and truly mind-bending Hitchcockian tale of modern racism and political relevance. Packed to the brim with symbolism both great and small, lines like ‘black is in fashion right now’ are one of the many subtle yet wholly patronising compliments that Get Out does so well.

His use of timing is also brilliant. There’s a steady paced burn that evolves into a slightly stereotypical horror template, but in a very clever way. There are plenty of twists and turns, and moment of laughter, to keep you entertained and guessing. You can see that Peele, despite coming from a comedy background with ‘Key and Peele’, seems to be a fan of horror.

There’s so much Hitchcock in here. The film is teeming with that Rear Window ‘these people aren’t whom they seem to be’ type vibe. On top of that, composer Michael Abels’ use of classical strings seems to be a solid nod to Psycho. Peele has made impeccable characters that are never so far-fetched that they appear to be ridiculous. They’re psychotic, but could still be your neighbours.

Daniel Kaluuya (Black Mirror, Sicario) gives us a breakout performance and goes from curious cat to nervous wreck with absolute ease – there’s one hypnosis scene where you really get a sense of this guy’s skills. You can almost hear the doors opening for him. Catherine Keener is also especially unnerving as Rose’s mum Missy Armitage. She’s a convincing psychiatrist, and successfully makes your terrified of a teacup.

Go into this knowing as little as possible, and you’ll absolutely love it. The trailer doesn’t give too much away, but avoid spoilers and detailed reviews at all costs. This is probably going to be one of the best horrors of this year, but with the genre doing so well at the moment, especially with Blumhouse Productions who are really making gold at the moment, who knows what else is in store!

Photo: Bloody Disgusting




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