Legion: Season 1, Episode 8 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert



An original and refreshing take on the X-men genre, and honestly, exactly what the franchise needed. Unfortunately though, the build-up was much more satisfying than the finale itself. What was that?

So, the interrogator from Division 3 is back with a small army, but David soon takes care of them in a rather rushed and slightly tacky looking opening scene. Afterwards, the halo, as expected, fails and David has to get rid of the monster once and for all, with some technological help from oddball Oliver Bird.

This final episode was a real let down. It lacked the artistic value and quirk of the other episodes, and most of all, it just felt so rushed. It was nice though to see the development of the interrogator and his gruelling process of healing. A nice touch. This show has been very character driven and that holds up in the last episode as well. But, what happened with everything else? The plot was suddenly thrown out the window and seemed to even contradict itself.

The monster’s motives for staying in David’s subconscious were deep-seeded and psychological. He’d been there since he was a child and had no intention of going anywhere. He also spent the series showcasing his immense power through David, and then he somehow get’s pushed out of his body like some kind of ridiculous Newton’s cradle experiment, and finds a new home in… Oliver Bird.

… and they drive off into the countryside with Lenny (the monster) chilling out in the passenger seat, as if nothing happened. What a build-up to nothing. A very unfortunate ending.

Where is everything going to go from here? According to the comics, we should see some further development in David’s powers… and the reveal of Xavier as his father which was only touched on in this season. Patrick Stewart may actually pop up in season 2, as he expressed interest in doing so, but there’s still no word on that front. A bigger budget should see a change in production too, which is already quite impressive. I’m still excited to see where this series goes.






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