Legion: Season 1, Episode 4 review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


SPOILERS. Obviously.

Probably one of the best episodes so far. A lot of progress with both narrative and characters here. Stunning shots, new characters, and even more questions.

So, this whimsically weird, yet wonderfully fun episode begins with Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement playing Oliver, someone who turns out to be a rather interesting part of David’s subconscious which we will talk about later. Oliver addresses us as if he is the narrator of a story, referring to violence and fairy tales. He talks about two kinds of stories, those based around fear, and those based around empathy. He always refers to a ‘fuzzy little bunny’ who got too close to the ocean… Is that fuzzy little bunny David (Dan Stevens)? It would appear so. Is that ocean the mysterious astral plane of subconscious that we left David stuck in in the previous episode? Maybe. Who knows.

Back in Summerland, we learn a hell of a lot more about David’s past, especially his old doctor. Syd (Rachel Keller), Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder) – the kick-ass martial arts girl who has been somewhat absent since the first episode, but makes a memorable comeback here, set out on an investigation into David’s memory glitches (gaps) by talking to both his ex-girlfriend and eventually his old doctor, whom turns out to be… THE EYE. Most of you probably saw that trap coming half-way through, due to his damaged eye, which we now know was probably caused by David’s powers, but we’re still not sure how. What did the stars say to David?

And with that twist we finally got some well-earned action. The scenes surrounding that Dali-esque lighthouse were beautifully choreographed, especially with Kerry, and it is so good to see Syd use her body-swapping powers once again. But Kerry gets shot… and we learn that she’s actually a second body of Summerland scientist and doctor Cary Loudermilk. That was trippy. The fighting / dance choreography with them in that action montage towards the finale was just astounding, as was the music.

MEANWHILE, David is lost in a vast landscape of rich fields with neon greens and yellows – the whole thing has a bit of a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ feel to it. Stuck astral planing in his own subconscious, David eventually meets Oliver whom talks about David’s brain, powers, and demons, including the yellow-eyed demon to which now everyone is referring to as ‘the monster’. Oliver also refers to this monster as some kind of parasite, as well as mentioning Melanie Bird. Was Oliver Melanie’s husband or relative of some kind? This would suggest that Oliver was in fact a real person, once upon a time. So the burning question here is…

How and why is he in David’s brain? I still feel we have a lot more to see of David. If he is what the comic says he is, then perhaps Oliver is one of the mutants that were ‘absorbed’ by David in the past. One of the legion of lost souls, all with their own powers and residing in David’s subconscious. Is Oliver’s power related to cold and ice? Perhaps he’s stayed safe from the monster all this time by residing in his icy little room.

Legion continues to outdo itself in terms of cinematography and framing. Just look at the shot of Amy and David’s old Clockwork doctor in their prison cells. The camera inside the cross section of the wall was almost like experiencing David’s powers first hand- what a limitless world this is.

So what can we expect from the next episode? After David’s heroic rescue, I think we’re really going to see him with a lot more control. Perhaps this ‘war’ they refer to will finally start to show its ugly face?  Will David tell Melanie about Oliver? AND last question… Is Lenny actually Lenny, or is Lenny actually Benny? MIND BLOWN.

Feature photo: Screen Rant

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