Original Arrival concept art

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Have you seen Arrival yet? If not, then I’m issuing a SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on unless you don’t mind knowing what the aliens in the film look like. Arrival has captured the minds and hearts of almost everyone around the world in the last month or so. An extraordinary tale of language, unity and time. It’s a puzzle that is bewildering but never pretentious, and it’s probably one of the best science fiction films of the decade.

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One of the signature characteristics of Arrival that put it ahead of other science fiction movies this year were the heptapods. Before settling on the squid like creations in the film, a number of ideas were thrown around and concept artist Peter Konig was one of them. Director Denis Villeneuve was partial to the Konig’s designs and ended up using an adaptation of his interior of the ship, but the heptapods and ship exterior turned out to be quite different. “Them’s the breaks” Konig said. Check out the designs below.

Which versions do you prefer?

Photos: Peter Konig

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