Ghost in the Shell trailer is here and it’s awesome

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

A little while ago there was a bit of whitewashing controversy over the fact that Scarlett Johansson had been chosen to play cyborg policewoman ‘The Major’ for the live action interpretation of Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell. It is a bit disrespectful considering that it’s a Japanese story. At least Johansson is good in an action role though – if you haven’t seen Avengers, you’re living under a rock. I personally prefer her in Lucy.

Here’s the trailer and it looks pretty damn good, certainly better than the overly dramatic CGI heavy Valerian trailer…Enjoy!

The film’s plot follows the cyborg major (Johansson) tracking down the villain Hideo Kuze, a computer hacker taken from the second season of the anime series. Let’s see how the film holds up to the original, which has a fierce following.

In select cinemas from March 29, 2017.

Feature photo: ScreenRant


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