Epic new Wonder Woman trailer

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Feels like forever since we were treated to the Super Bowl teaser, but yesterday the new Wonder Woman trailer dropped and saying it’s epic would actually be an understatement.

More stunning scenery, more weapons, more characters, and more Gal Gadot and Amazonian superhero realness. After the terrible reviews of both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, let’s hope this is the film that turns things around for the DCE universe and paves the way for Justice League. Not to mention that the superhero genre could do with some more female characters!

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As seen from the teaser trailer as well, majority of this movie seems to be set in World War I with Diana Prince (Gadot) fighting alongside American soldier Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). But who is that woman in the cracked mask? Totally pumped for this. Enjoy!

Feature photo: Huffington Post

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