Suicide Squad Extended Cut trailer

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Suicide Squad was by no means perfect but it was still a bit of harmless fun and one hell of a cool marketing campaign. Fans were outraged though by the fact that so much footage was supposedly cut from the film. Even Jared Leto complained, apparently they’d cut enough Joker scenes to make a whole new movie. This new trailer gives us a little taste of what to expect. There will be 13 extra minutes altogether – more of the bar scene, more Harley Quinn, and yes, more Joker.

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Could this extended cut redeem the summer blockbuster from its terrible reviews? The extended cut is on Digital HD from November 15 and Blu-ray from December 13.

The amount of bad talk surrounding the DC universe lately is just phenomenal. DC needs a hit, and they need it bad. Everyone has their hopes set high for Justice League which is due in cinemas next year. I’m personally looking forward to Wonder Woman… that Comic Con trailer is just bad-ass!

Feature photo: Screen Rant




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