10 reasons why Sigourney Weaver is better than you

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

With the release of Alien: Covenant this month, I thought now a better time than ever to get nostalgic about the old Alien movies and Hollywood’s (still) reigning action heroine, the glorious Sigourney Weaver.

1. Ripley

She played Ellen Ripley, possibly one of the most influential and original heroines in cinema history. Director Ridley Scott shot her to fame with Alien in 1979, and since then she has played the iconic character in three other films in the franchise.


2. She’s got moves

She can shoot a basketball hoop with her back turned. Seriously, this actually happened on the set of Alien Resurrection.


3. Drama

She went to the prestigious Yale Drama School. Her mother was also an actress, while her father was the president of NBC.


4. She’s tall

At 182 cm, she could easily beat you up.


5. Oscars

She’s been nominated for Academy Awards, including Best Actress in a Leading Role for Aliens.


6. That memorable voice

Her voice has been featured on both computer systems in Pixar films Wall-E and Finding Dory, as well as horror movie Cabin in the Woods.


7. Zuul

“Are you the keymaster?”


8. Languages

Aside from being able to communicate with the Na’vi, she can speak both French and German fluently.


9. Paycheck

Her paycheck for Alien Resurrection was more than the entire production cost of Alien in 1979.


10. The Defenders

She’s the villain in the upcoming Netflix Marvel series The Defenders.


Feature photo: Blumhouse

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  1. YES, this is the most perfect post, I love Sigourney. Ripley was one kick-ass character! I didn’t realise the basketball thing actually happened.

    Liked by 1 person

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