Get through quarantine with these award-winning Farsi films

Farsi Cinema Center (FCC) recently introduced their new online streaming space Watch Nook – a unique space to watch short films from the Farsi-speaking world, including those from filmmakers from Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, either living within those countries or from abroad.

Interview – Farsi Cinema Center’s Amir Endalah on Czech and Iranian cinema

At this year’s Írán:ci Film Festival, happening throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia until January 31st, I was fortunate enough to meet Farsi Cinema Center founder Amir Endalah and project coordinator Marisa Sittheeamorn to discuss their INCREDIBLE work with the non-profit non-partisan platform, dubbed FCC, and how they bring Farsi film industries with Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan together with the rest of the world.