Black Mirror season 5 trailer – with Miley Cyrus and that hot priest from Fleabag

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

Netflix has released a series of trailers for their upcoming season of Black Mirror featuring some very familiar faces.

The dystopian sci-fi series, originally started by writer Charlie Brooker, returns with a three-episode fifth season with pop stars, cab drivers, smartphones and the usual technological prowess that we’ve come to expect from the ground-breaking series.

Big names among the cast this season include Topher Grace (BlacKkKlansman), Andrew Scott (Fleabag), Miley Cyrus and more.

The much-anticipated fifth season comes after mixed reviews of the series’ experimental interactive film Bandersnatch released last December.

Black Mirror: Season 5 will hit Netflix everywhere June 5.

Photo: NDTV gadgets




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