Catfight review – a black and blue indie comedy

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


A refreshing and hilarious take on modern politics through the insane rivalry and rage of two former college friends. A relevant commentary on the state of the world right now.

Catfight sees former friends, Veronica (Sandra Oh) and Ashley (Anne Heche) bump into each other at a fancy upper class party in NYC… and getting into a full blown punch-up after a difference of opinion on social issues and general nastiness. The result? Coma(s).

This film is HILARIOUS. Its wit is on point. Oh and Heche have an incredible on screen chemistry both as friends and enemies. They’re love / hate relationship is relatable, and also completely irrational. The film is more or less in three parts, surrounding three major fights and the repercussions surrounding them, all happening in supposed modern day with a Middle Eastern war going on in the background.

Director Onur Tukel (Applesauce) delivers superb wit and intelligence that makes a well needed statement on today’s ridiculous society of war, profit… and self loathing. Veronica is a snobby, borderline alcoholic trophy wife profiting off the war, and Sandra Oh is fantastic, not surprising after playing the sarcastic but lovable Christina on Grey’s Anatomy. She’s the character you love to hate. Then there’s Ashley, great to see Anne Heche back on screen, the controversial artist that’s surviving off catering jobs with her clucky girlfriend Lisa (Alicia Silverstone).

But it’s the fighting that really grabs your attention in Catfight. Senseless rage expressed through multiple punches, kicks, wrestling-style elbow drops and much much more. There’s even a scene in an old car yard involving wrenches and tyres. It’s satirical to the max, but very bloody. Watch it on Netflix Czech Republic today.

Photo: The AV Club

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