Ghostbusters review

By Ryan Keating-Lambert


There has been A LOT of controversy and hate talk around blockbuster movies this year (especially Batman v Superman), but none has received more than the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters. From Twitter trolling to hate mail, these guys have seen it all. Pretty shocking if you take into account that the cast has been abused all over the internet for playing roles that ‘should be for men’, but more shocking is that Leslie Jones’ ethnicity is even an issue. The trolls strike again.

I must admit though, I was sceptical at myself. It’s now common practice to make reboots and remakes and sequels and prequels and franchises and spin-offs… and everything else… but a reboot of Ghostbusters? A cult classic? A fan favourite? Bill Murray? That’s pretty daring. As soon as I saw the cast, I had a change of heart though.

Kristen Wiig leads as Dr Erin Gilbert with Melissa McCarthy as Dr Abby Yates; two paranormal researchers that are equally awkward and equally hilarious (almost on the same level as Bridesmaids). Together they’re joined with Kate McKinnon as Dr Jillian Holtzman, the star of the whole show in my opinion, and Leslie Jones as Patty, a subway worker turned ghostbuster. The girls work together seamlessly and promote an air of camaraderie that we all know and love from the first film as well. McKinnon is above and beyond the best thing about this movie. She’s the brains of the team and has a wicked cool steam punkish get-up. I’ve got to see more stuff with her. And for some eye candy they’ve thrown a Hemsworth in there as their brainless assistant.

As far as story goes, it’s actually not that different from the first two films. New York City is heading for peril and it’s up to the girls to save the day. The film does suffer a bit with occasional plot holes and quick fix solutions. At one point there is a thanksgiving day parade of giant ghost floats. Kind of cool I guess, but why? Random enough? Aside from that, the ghosts look amazing and definitely pay a lot of homage to the first film (Slimer). Cast members of the original film also pop up. Let this be a reminder to the hardcore fans… if the original cast members are ok with this, then you should be too. Calm down!

So, all and all I’d rate this film second in the Ghostbusters hierarchy. It’s definitely better than the second one. Anything is better than a dancing Statue of Liberty. But of course, not as good as the first one. There you go haters, that one was for you.

Give this movie a chance.

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