The Girl in the Spider’s Web review – a dull and lifeless action movie

A very mediocre attempt at reigniting the Millenium franchise, The Girl in the Spider's Web is void of passion, meaning and suspense. A dull and almost lifeless action movie that is a tremendous waste of talent. As a standalone film it's bad, but as a follow-up to a David Fincher movie, it's terrible.

Don’t Breathe review

7.9/10 2016, especially summer, has been a bit of a disappointment as far as blockbuster movies go. Nothing really received critical acclaim, and aside from Suicide Squad, there wasn’t much money to be made. Horror movies on the other hand, seem to be doing better than ever - The Conjuring 2, The Witch and Lights Out to name just a few. Don’t Breathe is the latest from director Fede Alvarez and is a genuine and original journey to the brink of fucked-up.